The Number One Dating Ruler

My dear lovelies:

Rattling former Tue dark at 1am (after handwriting yesterday’s post and setting it to issue kickoff affair in the morning), I went before and did it:

I sent Sir Hugo a follow-up bill firstmet login —

I kept it short–just aforementioned I enjoyed merging him, and talking; that I’d determined my mother’s mother was indeed from his favourite office of Ireland; and signed off with a little dubiousness (How are your holiday designs coming? ).

I figured that would established my concern and yet leave the ball in his courtroom

And . . .

He wrote backbone pronto He started off by expression he opinion our eve and discussion were rattling good (Yes! Not just good however Rattling good Hot dawg! ) It was a rather longsight soon rhapsodical bill almost a few dissimilar things–mainly how much he enjoys the intense mind-altering heatwaves care the one we are currently having in New York, and also almost the age he washed-out in my grandmother’s (quite beautiful) office of the man

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But . . .

He did not say: Would you care to assemble again?

Nor did he say: Maura, I am hot for your consistence and please, delight do not micturate me wait lot longer early I can birth it.

(All compensate hunky-dory Mayhap I wouldn’t really wish him to say something as fathead as that . . . but . . . good . . . mayhap I wouldn’

Actually, he didn’t even ask me one single question–which, as we all know, is an easy path to keep any flirtatious change leaving

But Buzz ONE LITTLE Dubiousness Something as unobjectionable as ” How’s your workweek been? ” or ” How’s all your exercise coming? ” or ” Feeding lot broccoli these days? ”

On the over-the-counter give . . . leastways he didn’t say anything care I found our time rattling good BUT I birth a mate and children in another land and I birth distinct to return to them.

OR: I found our time rattling good BUT you looked care much an imbecile with that tremendous blot of mascara on your look that I testament never be able to forget it. So I NEVER Wish TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Birth a overnice animation

Or: I found our time rattling good BUT I besides establish your diary And now I am panicked by you. You are way too possessed with me so delight go by I have initiated the dinner gown cognitive process of changing my name from Sir Hugo to something all dissimilar I am stirring outside of my flat tomorrow; and by succeeding workweek I will birth entered the BLOGGER-TARGET Security Programme Do not attempt to ever impinge me again or The FBI will be at your doorway quicker than you can say DATING BLOGGERS ARE Dotty Human beings

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He also went on for about fin paragraphs. And who places that lot endeavor into a bill if they don’t care, right? (Well, mayhap an out of work somebody does. )

I had no idea what to micturate of it. I asked my darling Kermie Ottawa* what he opinion and he was flummoxed, also

By the end of the day yesterday, I’d driven myself All Buggy above the whole affair So, in desperation, I called my very dear rattling erstwhile champion Hairs Garden. * I try to repair to contacting Hairs but in periods of Substantial Hurt as he is the ne plus radical of a friend-counselor. Which is to say, he is the person who helps gum the bits of me back into a cohesive hale abaft I’ve been pursy to morsels by any form of romance grenade. Rattling I should pay the male He’s better than hospice aid

Anyways I got ol’Hairs on the horn, gave him dope, and finished off with the question: ” So what do you think? Sir Hugo is not absorbed right? I should let this affair dip right? ”

Hairs responded so

” MO KELLY! ** The guy practically pens you a novel–and you think he’s not absorbed Advance! Who knows why he didn’t ask you out–maybe it’s because his self-esteem is as collapsable as yours. But if you let it drop, you’re an imbecile ”

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He continued:

” Here’s my information Stopover overthinking it. Fair buzz the guy to do something. If he be fond of you, he’ll be well-chosen you did. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll decline–and you can advance with your animation ”

Course, Hairs is 100% compensate

In just almost every ace dater-ly case–certainly when we’re talking almost how to deal with the rattling former positions of courtship–THE Better Affair TO DO IS TO JUST Stopover OVER-THINKING! (And severals of you birth well-advised me to do just that).

And really, I think winning action–in the form of, care request a somebody on a second date–is a far better estimate than animation in a state of total anxiousness

Don’t you agree?



also–commenters–i bang you. TO L. G. and the daunt from Guatemala: I am rattling gladiola you can associate Although I bid you were having bettor lot with this hale dating affair than I am, for your benefits If it’s any solace it sure does look not-so-easy, worldwide . . . and NYC-chick who is perpetually commenting on dude’s facebook page–ha! that balmy me up.


*Porn-star designations course.

**That’s Whiskers’cognomen for moi.

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